Friday, September 22, 2006

Thoughts on the Gray's Anatomy Season Premiere

As much as I love the show (and was so excited last night I thought I was about to have a stroke like Denny), I have to say that I was disappointed! There were some parts that I really loved, but overall I kept thinking, "They had all summer to get this perfect!" I liked all the parts back at the house with Izzie, Meredith, and Cristina, and I even loved Callie in this episode, but all the parts at the hospital were pretty lame. First of all, why did they stop giving Bailey anything INTERESTING to say?!? I was confused as to why she got so emotional over that guy who's wife died of the plague...I know she was supposed to be upset about Denny (she seems to think she could have done something more? saved him?) but it just seemed odd to me that she was freaking out over this guy who's sealed in a room alone (yeah, that was SO realistic too...don't they just put the doctors in hazmat suits and let them actually TREAT the patients? hello!). The whole "who's little girl left her baby in a dumpster?" mystery was not particularly interesting to me, either. BUT the biggest problem I had with the show was the flashback to the night that Derek caught Addison in bed with McSteamy. In previous episodes, both Addison and McSteamy have said that Derek just coolly walked out of the room and never screamed at her or anything, just left. But in the flashback, he angrily throws her and all her clothes out of the house! Do they seriously think that we forgot what they said in the previous episodes? SERIOUSLY?

Okay, parts that I did like: Cristina explaining "sitting shivah" to Izzie while lying on the bathroom floor. The scene when Callie shows up with two bags full of food, and Meredith just stares at her uncomprehendingly, and Callie has to repeat "I brought food." I pretty much loved Callie in this episode - I thought it was so sweet (and brave) of her to come over to sit shivah, knowing that George wasn't even home. Still not getting the lack of chemistry between her and George, though. I loved the part when Callie explains to McVet that they are all still in high school. And then when Meredith comes into the room and she's like, "Okay, I'm going to take my glass of wine and go into the other room apparent reason." Damn, they gave her all the good lines this episode! And I loved the part when Cristina crawls into bed with Burke and cries. Not enough Burke in this episode. As for Mer/Der, I am pissed at him because the FIRST step is him divorcing his wife...THEN he can tell Meredith that she has a choice. Loser! No matter how dreamy he was, I have a hard time taking his professions of love seriously. I thought it was interesting though when he stares at George when Callie hugs him and tells that she really, really loves him, and George doesn't say it seems like he decides at that moment that he's going to tell Meredith that he loves her, you can just see it in his face. Anyways, I thought it was uneven at best, but still can't wait for next week!

OKAY! ONE MORE THOUGHT! Izzie's been in that bathroom all night and all day, right? And we all know it's the only bathroom in the house?!? Does anybody else see where I'm going with this?